BactiDefense Surface Clean

BactiDefense Surface works as the primer for all your surfaces by electromagnetically sanitizing table top, counters and equipment with our patented molecular barrier.

SurfaceClean Ecoplus is a designed to work with the BactiDefense product family. It's perfect for keeping hard surfaces in tip-top shape with regular maintenance. Not only is SurfaceClean Ecoplus gentle and safe on all types of surfaces, but it also won't leave any unwanted marks or stains behind. You can use it with confidence, knowing that your surfaces will be clean and well-maintained without any risk of damage.

• BactiDefense Surface acts as a primer for all surfaces
• Utilizes a patented molecular barrier to electromagnetically sanitize surfaces
• SurfaceClean Ecoplus is designed to work with the BactiDefense product family
• Ideal for regular maintenance of hard surfaces
• Gentle and safe on all types of surfaces
• Does not leave any marks or stains
• Effective for cleaning and disinfecting hard non-porous surfaces and equipment
• Ideal for surfaces and equipment treated with BactiDefense 90
• Can be used with confidence for maintaining surfaces and keeping them in top condition



Approved and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Complies with standards established by OSHA

Meets OSHA Blood borne pathogen standard for HIV, HBV, HCV


Authorization for its distribution and sale by the Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) of the Ministry of Health
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*The Efectiveness of Bactidefense technology relies in the proper use and application of Bactidefense 90 and Surface Clean Plus

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