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Unleash the Power of Protection with BactiDefense - Real Customer Testimonies and Trusted User List. Experience the unbeatable 99.43%* efficacy of our non-toxic, invisible antimicrobial technology against human coronavirus, viruses, germs, bacteria, mold and fungi.
BactiDefense is a powerful, non-toxic antimicrobial solution that effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms and provides long-lasting protection. This document provides in-depth evidence for the claims made by CSG ARMAX regarding BactiDefense, using third-party verification and supporting documentation.

We want to ensure that our customers have the information they need to make informed decisions about BactiDefense. That's why we're providing detailed information about our products, SurfaceClean and BactiDefense24Plus, and the science behind our technology.

It's important to note that all products registered with the EPA must have product labels that are reviewed and approved by the EPA. So, when we present our labels as evidence, you can trust that the claims on our labels have been validated by a third party. Additionally, our MSDS is a legally binding document that was submitted to the EPA as part of the product registration process.

BactiDefense Product Safety Information: SDS (Safety Data Sheets)

BactiDefense Surface

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BactiDefense 90

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BactiDefense Fabric

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“Half way through the season, I can say without question that this team has experienced the lowest number of skin infection breakouts since I’ve been coaching. The evidence is pretty clear to me. We use the antimicrobial system and we don’t have any problems. We don’t, and we have problems.”
— Steve Garland, Wrestling Head Coach, University of Virginia

“Using this antimicrobial system has had such a positive impact on our program. This season my team has had significantly fewer skin aliments than last year. I’m much more confident that our team won’t be hit hard by skin issues, which makes it so much easier for the team to focus on wrestling.”
— Brian Smith, Wrestling Head Coach, University of Missouri

“We use BactiDefense’s products because being proactive in the prevention of possible infections for our soldiers and their families is a responsibility we take very seriously.”
— Eric Hildreth, Facilities Director, United States Army, Fort Bliss, TX

“Here at the Buckner Physical Fitness Center we believe that we serve the greatest customers in the world. We take immense pride in providing them with top-notch facilities and equipment. Without CSG ARMAX’s BactiDefense24Plus antimicrobial treatment, we would certainly fall short of that goal.”
— Matt Livingston, Facilities Director, Fort Richardson Army Base

“There are so many overt things we do to make our guests movie-going experience as enjoyable as possible. You can’t necessarily see BactiDefense proactively and continually working to stop the growth of bacteria, but we are certain our customers will appreciate the added level of cleanliness.”
— Ruth Daniels, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Emagine Theatres

“We feel BactiDefense will be critical to our operations in 2009.”
— Doug Behar, Senior Director of Stadium Operations, Yankee Stadium

“Hundreds of seniors visit our facility every day for meals, activities and wellness check-ups. The antimicrobial system we had applied will minimize the presence of harmful bacteria as well as proactively eliminate any unpleasant odors that bacteria, mold and fungi can cause. Our goal is to provide the absolute best level of care. BactiDefense helps us achieve that goal”
— Thomas Baskette, Site Director, Senior Health Partners

“We basically had every surface and fabric our wrestlers come into contact with in our facility treated with CSG ARMAX’s BactiDefense. We saw a significant drop in skin infections and are thrilled this application is warranted to last for up to two years. I think it has really played an important role in giving our student athletes a better environment to train and compete in.”
— Brendan Buckley, Head Wrestling Coach, Columbia University

“We do a number of things in our program to give our athletes the safest and healthiest possible environment. I believe the application of BactiDefense throughout our facility will play an important role in killing illness-causing microorganisms and help continually combat bacteria and fungi that can be a major detriment to our team’s success.”
— Joe McFarland, Head Coach, University of Michigan Wrestling

“In my office I see a lot of young, healthy people. I see kids, I see athletes, I see young adults. Some of these infections that we’ve been hearing more about recently: MRSA, H1N1, that’s the population these infections go after. So I’m going to do everything in my power to be proactive & prevent the spread of infection, at least in my office.”
— Dr. Joseph Guettler, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist.

“The safety of our student athletes is a top priority to us. Treating our facilities with a long-lasting antimicrobial product is another proactive thing that Clovis Unified can do to stay in front of the threat of bacterial outbreaks. ”
— Dennis Lindsey, Director of Co-Curriculum Programs to Clovis Unified School District, C
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